Constantly nipping at their heels were the Atlanta Braves who performed consistently well over the decade despite winning only one World Series title (they lost on a heart-breaking four occasions). For his efforts, Canseco earned a trip to his fourth All-Star game and picked up the second Silver Slugger of his career at that point. With six straight All-Star appearances and one MVP during the 1980s, Mattingly seemed to be on a clear path towards the Hall of Fame. Check prices on: Bo Jackson was an incredibly popular athlete during the late 80s and early 90s. It was graded NM 7 by the PSA, which is not as impressive as later cards on this list but still high. The era was ended by the baseball players strike of 1994, and the hobby has never truly recovered in terms of national attention. This card and others like it are what make it seem like the whole blackless or NNOF phenomenon might just be a printing problem and not an actual design/release error (yeah, that might be a fine distinction, but Im making it anyway). All-Stars Estimated PSA 10 Value: $25 1990 Fleer #3 Jose Canseco Estimated PSA 10 Value: $20 1990 Fleer #217 Darryl Strawberry Estimated PSA 10 Value: $20 1990 Fleer #297 Juan Gonzalez Rookie Card Estimated PSA 10 Value: $20 1990 Fleer #485 Albert Belle Rookie Card Estimated PSA 10 Value: $20 1990 Fleer Update #U-87 Frank Thomas Rookie Card Most likely, it was a report discrepancy (or a deliberate misstatement to make him seem like a better prospect). His standard rookie (which we'll get to later) is the key rookie card in this set, but the version without his name on the front is an incredibly rare error and collectors are willing to pay up big time for it. Sports Card Investing: Maximize Portfolio Returns (Ultimate Guide), 10 Best Football Card Packs to Buy in 2023, In-Depth Sports Card Market Trends and Statistics (2023). 1990: The 20 Most Valuable Ken Griffey Jr Baseball Cards! Even today, though, there is still some mystique to those McDonald RCs that once sat near the top of the hobby mountain. 1984-85 Star Michael Jordan XRC RC #101 BGS 7.5 Rookie Card | eBay. But these cards are still fun all these years later, and they might just surprise you, if you give them a chance. 13 Rarest Michael Jordan Cards Ever - . At one time, this 1990 rookie card sat near the top of the new-card mountain and still pulls decent collector interest today. The first of those historic sales was for what many believe is the most iconic trading card in all of sports. Cards 258. Read the full disclosure here. Although Canseco batted just .182 (2-11) with one RBI in the AL Championship versus the Red Sox, the Athletics collectively played well enough to sweep Boston. Joe Jackson is one of the renowned names. Along with those of Wade Boggs and Ryne Sandberg, the 1983 Topps Tony Gwynn rookie card is one of the most iconic baseball cards of the 1980s. It turns out there was. Rookie cards were typically harder to find compared to cards issued later in a players career, which makes them more valuable. Baseball in the 1990s was dominated by two teams. As with the Jeter SP, the holofoil causes the player to pop, and it really is a great-looking collectible. Mike Trout is a generational talent, and his . The impressive home run and RBI tallies would fade, causing Mattingly to be overlooked for any All-Star selections in the 1990s. 1990 Fleer Baseball Cards 25 Most Valuable Plus Bonus Listings! Marquis Grissom was one of what seemed like an endless string of Expos prospects in the 1980s and 1990s. He also topped 30 home runs for the first time and joined his father, Bobby Bonds, in the 30-30 club by adding 52 steals. The only Leaf card to make the list, their 1996 set is one of the best the company ever released. But, the Toronto Blue Jays did let him tryout and I guess that was good enough for Score to put him in their Traded series. Ryan found his final baseball home with the Texas Rangers in 1989, and Topps captures him with his new team on this card, fittingly showing him doffing his cap after recording his 5000th strikeout. As shocking as it may seem, yes, this version of the 1990 Topps Frank Thomas rookie card can be worth some serious money. And, while it was light on big-name rookies, 1990 Topps Traded offered up some intriguing veterans-in-new-places cards to take up the slack. The record for the most expensive baseball card has changed twice in the last month. The former president was presented with one hundred copies of his very own baseball card from his days as captain at Yale in 1990 by Topps. Many thought there were no limits to where his first cards might go. Unfortunately for Oakland, Canseco was even worse in the World Series, batting 0.083 (1-12) with one home run and two RBI. But, while Ripken enjoyed a hobby resurgence in 1991 on the back of maybe his greatest season ever, this particular card lands on our list because its an error . Like Barry Bonds and others from the steroid era, Clemens reputation has fallen on hard times in recent years, but his amazing numbers are hard to overlook even if his 1990 Topps doesnt stoke your nostalgia fire. The action shot shows Griffey Jr. after a successful swing, and the card immediately catches the eye thanks to the shiny border. Somewhat surprisingly, Griffey Jr.'s card is actually worth more than the Frank Thomas rookie (with his name on the front). To that point, only 59 of 16,753 that have been graded by PSA have come back with a PSA 10 grade. Most Valuable Baseball Cards from the 1980s Price Guide & Values Baseball cards / By Matt Johnson #25 1986 Donruss Highlights "Highlights in White." Bo Jackson rookie card #43 PSA 10 sold for $360 Shop the 1986 Donruss Bo Jackson rookie card on eBay 1986 Donruss Highlights cards have two versions printed. The record for this card was set at a Goldin auction for $26,400. And it goes back to 1990. And, while Sanders never quite excited collectors like fellow crossover artist Bo Jackson did, his cards continue to draw solid interest from fans of both sports. A rundown of the Most Expensive eBay Sales 1990DonrussErrorCards sold on eBay from October through December of 2021.Full list with links to e. 1990Donruss Baseball Cards Population Professional Sports Authenticator 1990Donruss Baseball Cards Population Professional Sports Authenticator 1990Donruss. Its no surprise that it easily makes it onto the list, as one of the most important modern baseball cards ever produced. I remember searching for this card left and right. I wont get into it here, and theres a great article on PWCC that dives deeper that was just written this past June, and offering this nugget: The pack pulled, dual Mantle and Griffey auto is one of the most desirable dual auto pack pulled cards ever. One gem mint listing on eBay has an asking price of $9,500. And, even after the gridiron injury that wrecked his promising future on both fields, Bo still generates plenty of hobby intrigue today. Sandberg reached 30 home runs (exactly) for the first time in 1989 as he helped the Cubs win their second division title, and first since 1984. Its an error in the sense that it does not list his correct birthday, but there were several cards that listed that date. Well, first of all, you might see the card with a Ken Griffey Jr. auto only, or a Mantle auto only, and then of course, the dual auto that is basically the greatest combo dual auto to ever grace a baseball card. 1 1992 Bowman Trevor Hoffman #11 Trevor Hoffman isn't as well-known as the other players on this list, but his #11 Bowman card is still worth a decent bit of money. Now that we got that out of the way, let's take a look at the list: 1990 Upper Deck Heroes Reggie Jackson Autograph Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $750 The 1990 Upper Deck set contained a monstrous 800-card checklist that was distributed in two series: the Low Series (#1-700) and the High Series (#701-800). Table of Contents. In this case, its just a couple hunks of the black links surrounding the name box and not the name itself that are missing. Like the "No Name On Front" Thomas rookie card, this one is exceptionally rare and card collectors go crazy for this card. Bo Jackson was an incredibly popular athlete during the late 80s and early 90s. It was all sort of ho-hum greatness until Gwynn kicked things up a gear in his mid-30s, winning four straight crowns from 1994 through 1997 and flirting with .400, especially in that first, strike-shortened season. And at the end of his career, he was just a notch or two below Cooperstown levels, but still plenty decorated enough to make his rookie card a solid hobby star all these year later. The card features Griffey, Jr. against a green background with a rainbow effect. Though the gridiron ultimately proved to be his primary passion and gift (hes in the Pro Football Hall of Fame), Sanders spent enough time on the diamond to rack up plenty of steals and runs over his nine-year career. What seemed to start out as a sort of cheap attempted knockoff of the classic 1975 Topps set actually has some character of its own. Gonzalez was one of the most feared hitters of his era and seemed like a lock for 40+ homers and 100+ RBI every season. The price for a piece of Americas pastime keeps going up. And while were very bullish on the longterm of baseball card valuations you should never invest more than youre willing to lose on anything. Sure, the dudes personality rubbed folks like a porcupine-grained sandpaper, and health issues sank his Hall of Fame hopes, but Belle managed to dominate in the batters box long enough to add some forever value to his rookie cards. A vast improvement over previous Bowman releases, the set has held its value better than most of its contemporaries thanks largely to the fact that it was printed to dealer order, meaning a much lower print run than the rest of the market that year. Dates back to 80s and 90s. Most Expensive 1990 Topps card list & price guide. David Ortiz is one of the greatest hitters of all time and holds the Boston Red Sox record for the most home runs in one season with an impressive 54. Youre likely to find these cards selling in a large price range depending on quality, but a pristine one might fetch up to $2000. He would extend that 0-fer to three years in 1990 before getting off the snide and reigniting his cards in 1991. He was consistently productive although he did have some seasons here and there shortened by injury. Basketball legend Michael Jordans ill-fated attempt to become a baseball star is generally meme-worthy, but his RC from 1991 is still one of the better cards from the decade. However, injuries would catch up to him, and even though he still had a top-notch glove on defense and could still hit for average, his power wasnt nearly what it used to be. As you can see, it will take them being professionally graded in gem mint condition to be worth much. Get my weekly newsletter with the latest hobby updates delivered straight to your inbox! Also Check: National League Standings For Baseball. Unfortunately, injuries really bogged him down in the 2000s but he still managed to put up monster career numbers. Topps cards were relatively error-free throughout the 1980s, so its a bit surprising in retrospect that they uncorked such a doozy to lead off the new decade. It wasnt often that a base card of an individual player landed card #1 back in those days, but Ryan was entering bonafide legend territory, and the following years would only solidify that standing and boost his card values across the board. It was sold at an auction in 1966. Juan Gonzalez kind of got lost in the shuffle of the home run barrage during the late 1990s and the early 2000s, and especially because he sort of flamed out in his early-to-mid 30s. Bernie Williams was an extremely productive player during the mid to late 1990's. Frank Thomas was a first-round pick in 1989, but the average collector might have been forgiven for thinking that Topps had their sports mixed up when this card started popping out of packs in 1990. Card is perfect.. Hmmm where does Thomass name appear? 1990 Topps #414 Frank Thomas Rookie Card Estimated PSA 10 Value: $175 Check prices on: Amazon Now, this is what Thomas's rookie card is supposed to look like when his full name appears at the bottom of the card. 2. You May Like: Baseball Tournaments In Southern California. Recommended Reading: Air Force 1 Baseball Cleats, 2022 So, in order for the cards on this list to be worth much, they'll either have to be the Tiffany version (Topps' premium factory set) and/or be graded by PSA to be in perfect, gem mint condition. As an All-Star card, the back of this one shows his AS stats: But some of the cards printed in early runs purported to show his recent major league performance: Its scarce enough, at least in Junk Wax terms, to land a pretty cherry spot on this list. And he was an integral part of the Yankees dominance of that era. Remarkably, that stat line wasn't good enough to take home the Triple Crown but he did win MVP honors that season. Happy investing! The card companies came calling, and collectors were happy to scoop up rookie cards of the young slugger in 1990, especially when he bashed 29 long balls at Triple-A Oklahoma City that summer before connecting on four more in just 25 games for the Rangers in September. And, voila! Beltres rookie card from 1997 recently sold at auction for $3,016. We didnt really know that Dont Call Me Joey would be a thing when this card was issued, but wed find out soon enough that Albert Belle had one of the most potent bats in the history of baseball. Two years later, he was an All-Star for the first time, and the year after that he won his first of two Cy Young awards. Of course, even the stoutest of the 90s will likely never rattle any bank accounts, not on the whole, and not to the extent that some of the hobbys big hitters do and will. His rookie care is a must-have in this set and one of the most iconic cards of the 1990s. The Most Valuable 1990s Baseball Cards: Summary, As well as rarity due to the small release, (estimated to be between 6,000 and 7,500), the majority had to get to an active war zone and back before being encased by the likes of, (Okay, we said that you wont find any of these cards hidden down the back of the couch, but this is the exception!). 1997 - 1998 UD Game Jersey Michael Jordan #GJ13 $599,999.99. 1 prospect in baseball at the start of the 1996 and 1997 seasons, Andruw Jones is one of the most hyped minor leaguers of all time, and homering twice in Game 1 of the 1996 World Series when he was only 19 years old only fueled the fire. The cheapest Jordan rookie by a significant margin, its a chance for collectors to own a bona fide piece of sporting history, even if the cards are slightly overpriced due to the latest influx of MJ fans and hype around his RC options. These cards often sell for $50 to $75, depending on the popularity of the player. Watch more top videos, highlights, and B/R original content, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. During the 1990s, Griffey Jr. was one of the hottest stars in the sport and seemed destined to break all kinds of records. This card was produced for US servicemen and women serving in Operation Desert Storm so imaginably, there arent many out there and even less in mint condition. He also set a personal best for stolen bases (52) while leading the league in slugging percentage (.565) and OPS (.970). The combination of the two greats and a dual autograph is enough to drive interest, which is why it makes the list. Hyped as a generational talent and future superstar from the moment he was taken No. It includes both Griffey and Mickey Mantles profiles, accompanied by their Sharpie signatures. He would finish in the top five in Cy Young balloting a total of seven times in his career, and he was undoubtedly one of the elite pitchers of his generation. In fact, while fellow White Sox rookies Robin Ventura and Scott Radinsky picked up some votes for Rookie of the Year honors in 1990, Thomas didn't receive any at all. Still, The Iron Man played well enough to earn his eighth straight trip to the All-Star game. The Yankees won three World Series to further cement their position as a legendary team and globally recognized brand it was difficult to go almost anywhere in the world without seeing a Yankee hat on someones head. While cards are easily available for purchase, the most valuable ones have reached seven-figure territory. It took awhile for fans, and especially collectors, to warm up to Larry Walker and his talents. Occasionally, hed pop something really gaudy, like that Ty Cobb-esque .363 batting title in 1993. launch monetization_on $4.99 08/28/2022. So, while this 1990 Score card is not a . Fast forward a year and a half, though, and Thomas was one of the best hitters in baseball, well on his way to becoming the Big Hurt and, ultimately, a Cooperstown denizen. Right, but where were his *Detroit* cards? The higher the grade, the more valuable a card will be, so were typically looking at PSA 9s and 10s only. Pitchers with 300 Wins and Their Baseball Cards. (The same is true for almost every card were about to mention.). He was one of my favorite players to watch growing up as the guy could do it all. Much of the attention is due to the fact that Jordans basketball RC is extremely valuable, while prices of all MJ cards have increased rapidly following the release of The Last Dance. (PSA Graded) Estimated PSA 10 Value: $50. Now just imagine how much a pristine-rated card can go for! It perfectly illustrates just what made Bo Jackson so special: Though he may not have been MLB's hottest rookie in 1990, he certainly turned into one of the biggest superstars of his era. Despite such controversy, the 90s produced some fantastic highs and quality players which would affect the baseball card market in the long term. Coming in the number 1 spot for the most Valuable 1990s basketball cards is the Kobe Bryant Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems card. With *still* less than 300 of these gracing the PSA Population Report as of January 2022, and with Big Hurt firmly enshrined in Cooperstown, its no wonder this card is such a big kahuna among 1990 baseball issues. Wax Pack Gods, 100 Most Expensive Magic The Gathering Cards Sold on eBay in the Last 30 Days, 1989 Upper Deck Baseball Cards 28 Most Valuable Wax Pack Gods. He made his MLB debut the following year after continuing to rake in the upper levels of the minors and then took the league by storm with one of the best rookie seasons of all time in 1993. This company was founded in 1988 with headquarters in the US. Besides being the best Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card, it helped usher in a new era in the hobby that included glossy card stock and premium production values. He continued to impress at Single-A the following year, and that was enough to earn him a spot on the 1992 Bowman checklist. Topps continued their Ryan celebration here by showing him with the Houston Astros, who had made the future Hall of Famer the first baseball player to earn $1 million+ when they signed him as a free agent prior to the 1980 season. original japanese wwii type 89 knee mortar,